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What if it rains?

We still operate in rain our carriage has a rain canopy with side  windows so you can still enjoy the views and your tour without getting wet. We supply hot water bottles and blankets to keep you warm in the colder month's.

Are children allowed?

Yes children of all ages are more than welcome 

Are there toilets ?

There is no toilets on the rides 

Can we smoke?

There is strictly no smoking and especially near any of the horses or on the grounds. We do not allow e cigarettes as we don't want out horses breathing in the chemicals from them. 

Booking terms

Booking terms and conditions and extra information
1 A deposit of £20.00 is required at time of  booking to reserve your trip via a bank transfer or debit or credit card. 48 hrs notice required to cancel otherwise the deposit will not be refunded.
2 If we cancel your booking we will refund your deposit or you may choose another day.
3 We may cancel your booking due to horse become unwell ,lame or lost shoes. Due to local lockdowns due to covid 19.
4 We do not operate in high winds, ice or snowy conditions or very hot weather 
5 No smoking on the carriage and e cigs and passengers must remain seated at all times.
6  please be on time for your arranged booking time we allow 5 mins waiting time then after that the waiting time will be detucted from your trip.We accept no responsibility to your vehicle for any loss or damages.
7 Sorry no balloons allowed on the carriage as this can spook the horses.
8 We have no wheelchair access. But please make us aware at time of booking if you need any assistance boarding .
9 No standing behind the horses or close to there feet where you could be stood on or kicked.
10 No alcohol to be brought on the carriage. Alcohol can be purchased from us in advance.
11 Anybody under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to ride  and the trip will be cancelled and no refund or exchange date given.
12 All rubbish to be removed and not to be thrown overboard on the grounds.

Extra information

We are fully insured 
15 Horses are shod every 6 weeks by a qualified farrier.
16 Horses are all up to date with all vaccinations.
17 Horses are checked by vets regularly. And have regular physio treatment  every 6 weeks  from a qualified equine physiotherapist.
18 Horses teeth are checked by qualified equine technicians every 6 months.
19 Carriage and harness will be checked before and after each trip. 
20 Covid 19 carriage seats and handrails will be fully cleaned before and after each trip using anti  viral disinfectant steri 7. 
Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase 
We look forward to seeing you all soon on one of our trips. And hope you  enjoy the experience